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failed to get simple key entity

failed to load viewstate the control tree into which

failed to create empty document mfc sdi

failed to create direct3d device roller coaster tycoon 3

failed to create .net frameworks propertygrid component 2008

failed to add language monitor 19 ricoh

borderlands activate license file

failed to load module vesa

failed to open the mpeg encoder corel

jcifs smb smbexception failed to connect 0.0 0.0 00

failed to configure ipv4 interface(s) e1000g0

failed to borrow object from pool dbtype=sql server

failed to decrypt file. the m-file

dragon naturallyspeaking 12 failed to launch 64 bit server

fopen failed to open stream permission denied php

failed to open database channel

failed to create input stream read timed out

failed to load control msinet.ocx

failed to create phonebook entry airtel data card

failed to create a phonebook entry tata photon

failed to close temporary resources

failed to apply template sts#1 to web at url

failed to connect to the epsg database

failed to connect to pop.gmail.com

xsane failed to open device error during device i/o

failed to install due to a failure produced by pkgadd

failed to enable constraints tableadapter

failed to load binary database data database game db

failed to initialize directdraw plants vs zombies

acronis failed to create volume snapshot

failed to retrieve data for this request. (microsoft.sqlserver.management.sdk.sfc) 2012

failed to load resources from resource file web ripper

failed to load servlet class weblogic

asp.net ajax client-side framework failed to load sys is undefined

failed to decrypt an encrypted xml node because the password was not specified or not correct

failed to look up com users attribute

d'link easy search utility

failed to launch web update wizard ui component

failed to validate oauth signature and token proxy

failed to create labels for primary database

failed to load package list

failed to route reference message reliable to queue

binkw32.dll is missing windows 10

failed to load selinux policy freezing fedora

failed to determine definition for feature with id moss 2007

failed to find sdf file sdf

failed to load javahl library subclipse mac

general access denied error 0x80070005

failed to acquire security audit privilege

fedora failed to load module nv

failed to bind to port mac

failed to export the pdf file indesign cc

failed to get schema for this query vb net

failed to find sysfs mount point lvm

but has failed to stop it. this is very likely to create a memory leak.

failed to load catsrv dll

failed to set up write combining

unable to find lookup mp(s) in registry, ad, dns and wins

failed to set property 'serviceprincipalname'

counterpoint failed to set data for

failed to open com port liteon

boot manager failed to find os loader windows 10

dll initialization failed windows xp

failed to get user name for uid

crystal reports database vendor code: 17

wine storage share mode not implemented

please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/var/lib/php/session)

crystal report failed to open the connection database vendor code 17

the process account used to run asp.net must have read access to the iis metabase

apt-get update 403 forbidden debian

failed to start remote control process 10013

windows failed to start 0xc000000f

flash plugin failed to load chrome

xenserver recover vm from storage

warning require_once failed to open stream wordpress

failed to load the launcher dll cs go

failed to initialize all required wmi classes

failed to verify preflight file. it is not signed by apple

failed to create flash player granado espada

ubuntu failed to load session gnome

this disc cannot be burned because the device failed to calibrate the laser power

failed to talk to init daemon ubuntu

failed to connect to ghostcast server with ghostcode 19932

failed to open the connection crystal reports c#

failed to detect internet connectivity vista connect.dll

failed to start smbd.service: unit smbd.service failed to load: no such file or directory

directx failed to initialize windows 7

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: no session or session was closed

failed to register com activex control atl.dll

failed to create d3d device csgo

failed to terminate vr compositor

failed to find all installation files ibm

failed to create the z buffer

failed to allocate d3d device

failed to find service blackberry bluetooth

rtnetlink answers: file exists failed to bring up eth0.

failed to start mobile internet on blackberry desktop

twrp failed to decrypt data

failed to synchronize issues no files for synchronization were found

failed to change the settings try again

synergy failed to connect to server server refused client with our name

protl-4: failed to retrieve data from the local registry

failed to initialize direct3d pixel shader 1.1

failed to copy file for artifact (access is denied)

mgcp fax t38 inhibit

ob_end_clean(): failed to delete buffer. no buffer to delete

the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). click on ok to terminate the application

failed to load language from resources program will exit

failed to get user guid with 1355

error importing wsdl soapui exception

failed to load applicationcontext junit spring maven

archiva tomcat 8

failed to initialize direct3d with current settings tomb raider

wanarpv6 failed to load

run dos program in windows 7 full screen

failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': no such file or directory

grub mkconfig failed to connect to lvmetad

failed to load initial plugins with error ima_result_failure

failed to render file mov

failed to create pdf for archive avantfax

1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired fix

failed to send a2 command


minecraft server failed to bind to port hamachi

failed to load resource chrome

ubuntu 14.04 failed to download package files

configuration system failed to initialize windows 10

failed to connect to update source

factorytalk view me station unable to load the application

failed to find hd boot partition esxi

failed to execute command farcry3.exe

failed to start msvcr71 .dll

the socket binding to local port failed. (port 21)

supertest follow redirect

fallout 3 failed to initialize renderer gamebryo

failed to expand the disk vmware-vdiskmanager

failed to login notes initialization failed

failed to create command process oracle

failed to open page safari

failed to get user guid with 1359

failed to evaluate installed rule windowsupdate

failed to run initdb 1 poker tracker

the following components failed to install: - microsoft .net framework 4 (x86 and x64)

failed to install asp.net scriptmaps

windows error recovery windows 7 failed to start

ultravnc failed to connect to server windows 7

weblogic.common.resourceexception failed to bind remote object

failed to create direct3d 9ex device undertale

cisco tsp notifier bind socket failed

failed to form cluster status 5086

failed to open /dev/io

failed to allocate internet-domain x11 display socket solaris

failed to get value of snmp variable. timeout

failed to install and configure assemblies notificationservices dll

failed to connect to server ragnarok private server

carbon datetime::__construct(): failed to parse time string

failed to change_hat to handling_untrusted_input

failed to build vmmon

failed to locate volume with uuid

failed to authenticate with google mac mail

mcafee epo 5.1 failed to connect to the software catalog server

battlefield bad company 2 failed to connect to ea online xbox 360

failed to open rowset crystal report error

failed to migrate data to the license server

file_put_contents failed to open stream permission denied laravel

failed to open audio input device ableton

failed to parse ntlmssp

caquietexec failed 1603

error 1904 module failed to register crystal reports

failed to find romfile pxe-virtio.bin

wfcrun32 error unable to launch application

failed to decrypt using provider 'dataprotectionconfigurationprovider' app config

the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect

failed to pause catalog for backup. backup was aborted. microsoft.sqlserver.smo

repair 1394 connection failed to query tcp/ip

failed to open the group policy object on this computer you may not have appropriate rights

how to install metamod

failed to write sqm

failed to generate configuration rom image for host 0

an add-on for this website failed to run microsoft update catalog

failed to retrieve data from database crystal reports 11

failed to initialize bgb server

failed to start snmp adaptor with address localhost

failed to obtain system account information

dbcp2 jmx

svn failed to add file an unversioned file of the same name already exists

failed to create graphics device fix

kubernetes failed to pull image

failed to obtain property pda pocketpc name

failed to load resources from resource file

error 1904 module failed to register hresult

filezilla client failed to create listen socket aborting

failed to boot 4 photon 4g

failed to download version.ini crossfire al

failed to parse the xml document

imgburn unrecovered read error

failed to create pixmap

fallout new vegas failed to initialize renderer gamebryo

service 'msexchangetransport' failed to reach status 'running' on this server exchange 2013

failed to open /var/lib/samba/private/secrets.tdb

failed to connect to listening vnc viewer zcm

failed to execute /etc/preinit

gnome-session ubuntu-2d

failed to detect canonical device of overlayfs

failed to return new code element 2008

failed to load module vesa ubuntu

failed to fully startup daemon

failed to load class org slf4j impl staticloggerbinder eclipse

error failed to retrieve repodata primary xml gz from rhel x86_64 server 6

failed to initialize authentication interface cs 1.6 non steam

failed to set serviceprincipalnames net ads join

failed to load word verify rom

failed to run the action tattoo

what does frame load interrupted mean

failed to connect to windows service

ubuntu mysql job failed to start

failed to load binary database hatas

failed to apply patch please try again later mac

failed to find meta inf jboss service

failed to authenticate with sim city server

failed to start service jboss.persistenceunit

frm-92050 failed to connect to the server /forms/servlet-1 r12

ubuntu failed to retrieve share list from server connection timed out

create table android_metadata failed

failed to load internet connection wizard

failed to prepare partial iu com.android.ide.eclipse.adt

failed to initialize connection subsystem cisco anyconnect

failed to add entry for user smbpasswd centos

lockd_up: makesock failed, error=-111

failed to get valid proposal mikrotik

steamcmd download

failed to authenticate client.username/password/domain is incorrect

ubuntu failed to load module glx

failed to query tcp ip settings of the connection fix

/var/lib/php/session permissions

failed to initalize hal

failed to create class cn=ms-sms-site. error code = 8202.

failed to initialize nprotect keycrypt

failed to create spool file exim4

failed to decrypt protected xml node dts password key not valid

failed to connect to vmware vcenter converter standalone server at localhost on port 443

failed to lock vertex buffer in cmeshdx8 lockvertexbuffer fix

failed to create the ccm_incoming

failed to open stream permission denied file_put_contents

failed to allocate memory ruby

failed to find or create the jdbc driver oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver

java.lang.securityexception: failed to be authenticated

failed to install msde 2000 bkupexec

failed to marshal script action msi

file exists: ah01762: failed to create shared memory segment on file

failed to create the configuration database sharepoint 2010

failed to initialize lookup module for null

failed to connect to wpa_supplicant - wpa_ctrl_open no such file or directory

failed to find node configuration connect v drive in xml

failed to read boot elf

failed to map the path '/' asp.net runtime error

failed to initialize the appdomain /lm/w3svc/9/root

failed to load the launcher dll the specified module could not be found

reason 442 failed to enable virtual adapter windows 7

failed to load module i810 module does not exist

failed to initialize com library bootvis

javax.xml.xpath.xpathfactory:2: illegal configuration-file syntax

failed to load asset bundle ios

failed to create sdl window

failed to load target servlet action

failed to find flength file flexshare

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) ttf-dejavu

failed to load users passwords role files jbpm

failed to create new pty webmin

failed to activate acronis startup recovery manager 2014

installer failed to initialize adobe cs6 mac

keepalived_vrrp: warning: failed to connect to the agentx master agent

pacman force install

failed to reserve contiguous memory of size 65536

how to fix minecraft pe crash

failed to load servlet class geronimo

failed to decrypt protected xml node dts password with error ssis

the module failed to load

failed to create component axhost vlc

failed to open registry handle

windows failed to start windows 7

vmware player error andy

failed to create socket crysis 2

hitman absolution failed to initialize directx 11 fix

arcgis 10.1 failed to save raster dataset

failed to write sectors

failed to write ragexe exe windows 7

veeam rpc server is unavailable invoker test connection

failed to load session ubuntu-2d

arcserve failed to login to the agent

failed to load module tveeprom

failed to retrieve rmiserver stub javax.naming.namenotfoundexception

failed to access source file 2

failed to open cluster parameters key

failed to create version checkpoint

failed to install tomcat6 service jvm.dll

sudo service isc-dhcp-server start start job failed to start

dell powervault modular disk storage manager user guide

process "simulate behavioral model" failed

failed to set security on the destination

failed to initialize shared library libjavaplugin oji so

wildfly failed to process phase parse of deployment

failed to log into nfc server during upload of file to a datastore

nouveau.modeset=0 grub

unregister dll

failed to play test tone windows 10 dell

failed to execute dbus launch

arcgis (lmgrd) failed to open the tcp port number in the license

failed to open bin vmx operation not permitted

spf record check

failed to retrieve ptn

failed to unmount hive

failed to load extension com.apple.driver

org.apache.catalina.lifecycleexception: protocol handler initialization failed

failed to query tcp/ip settings of the connection. cannot proceed

failed to take master pipe connection lock cs 1.6

failed to retrieve data from the database. details database vendor code

unit squid3.service not found

ora-19510 ora-27037

server tomcat v7.0 server at localhost failed to start in eclipse

failed to start wcf services citrix

failed to mount windows share permission denied ubuntu

unable to open master device '/dev/dahdi/ctl'

failed to load control vbalgrid from vbalsgrid6

failed to load resources from resource file check setup

xilisoft video converter ultimate task failed

vboxvideo kernel driver found not loading

the canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data local file

failed to enumerate objects in the container access is denied server 2012 r2

arcserve udp console page cannot be displayed

flickr upload timeout 2016

apache 2.4 failed to configure ca certificate chain!

document failed to print hp

failed to convert the peer name to an ip address

failed to verify the signature of a download file

failed to access iis metabase asp.net 3.5

getdplocations failed with error 0x80004005 ccmsetup

failed to find pll reference clock

failed to open tape device permission denied

failed to load the internet connection wizard

failed to open event cache file

failed to start the database service mssql$sharepoint

failed to convert database into codeplug image

failed to add/activate connection (7)

virtualbox failed to attach the usb device busy with a previous request

failed to initialize video device recoil windows 8

failed to determine dst mac

file_put_contents failed to open stream laravel

failed to create wmv source filter

the driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load for the device

failed to set controlling terminal netbeans

configuration problem: failed to import bean definitions from relative location

failed to access web dynpro container

failed to add act dot template to word

failed to load servlet class javax.faces.webapp.facesservlet

veeam failed to create nfc download stream

failed to access iis metabase asp.net 4.0

failed to receive an incoming isakmp packet. the length is incorrect. sonicwall

failed to load applicationcontext junit spring

failed to send notification using server/device

failed to obtain the partition information for cluster disk

failed to start up concurrent users module apache

iis ftp failed to retrieve directory listing

log4j:error failed to flush writer, java.io.ioexception: no space left on device

dkms part of installation failed. please refer to /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for details

failed to create d3d device steam

ubuntu 16.04 vnc server

directshow graphedit

sharp aquos failed to receive broadcast

failed to contact or import data from symantec endpoint

org.jinterop.dcom.common.jiexception: message not found for errorcode: 0x00000005

fsck.ext4 unable to resolve uuid centos

failed to load extension com.apple.driver.applesmbios

failed to register location (13)

php copy failed to open stream no such file or directory

failed to create system.propertybagdata

failed to load users passwords role

failed to load nad27-83 correction file -38

failed to communicate with resource requester811

vbox_e_file_error (0x80bb0004) import

failed to allocate from state pool xbox

failed to get iphone url from iplayer site

failed to execute child process "dbus-launch" (no such file or directory)

windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change may be the cause

sdk manager failed to install a folder failed to be moved

failed to create instance

error occurred in deployment step 'activate features' failed to instantiate file from module

failed to register a vbscript dll outlook 2007

bea-101216 servlet action failed to preload on startup in web application

skyrim failed to initialize renderer unknown error creating the renderer

failed to generate qvw files

failed to retrieve session cannot parse post parameters of request

ora-01562 failed to extend rollback segment number 9

failed to execute app-domain could not be created

failed to load microcode_amd.bin

failed to suggest a compatible pcm format

failed to delay load library mscorlib.dll xp

failed to verify whole-file signature signature verification failed

sophos failed to install savxp

failed to convert to upgrade mode

failed to clone disk connection timed out

failed to lock the file vmdk

vmware failed to deploy ovf package the task was canceled by a user

apt get update failed to fetch could not resolve

failed to open db2detaildeadlock

module diskearly power on failed

failed to bind to the ldap server bugzilla

failed to assign spn on account error 0x2098/8344

failed to parse cldap reply

report viewer 2010 version.

chrome failed to load resource: net::err_blocked_by_client

failed to get file version of custom action dll

failed to enumerate /volumes/macintosh hd/library/caches cannot run

failed to connect to the liveupdate server (0xa100000f)

nvidia failed to initialize the nvidia kernel module centos

failed to connect the drop-in cpu database

failed to check the license for commserve

crystal reports the rowset column could not be found

failed to create ats database

lmgrd failed to open the tcp port number in the license

failed to install adapter juniper netscreen

failed to open file xml schemas dotnetconfig.xsd

failed to retrieve share list from server: no such file or directory

failed to initialize remote display system

java.lang.securityexception: failed to impersonate user

kali failed to execute default terminal emulator

failed to verify signature for archive macports

invalidoperationexception failed to map the path

synctimewithmp() failed. 80004005.

asp.net ajax client-side framework failed to load. 'sys' is undefined

failed to export the websphere commerce instance

failed to create management database biztalkmgmtdb

failed to set data for vidc.yv12

failed to initialize the appdomain /lm/w3svc/1/root

failed to install adapter netscreen

what is javahl

failed to create a session confirm that the user has the proper privileges ax 2012

the dependency service or group failed to start windows 10

failed to instantiate webapplicationinitializer class

failed to load fnp act installer dll

[error] failed to execute getoutboundbacklogfilecount method. err: -2147217406 (0x80041002)

failed to resolve the source for sms pkgid hr=0x800700a1

open /dev/dri/card0: no such file or directory

failed to load database information crystal reports visual studio 2013

failed to load cdudf xp

failed to stat file ffmpeg

failed to create d3d object h1z1

service radiusd start failed

the realm "myrealm" failed to be loaded

failed to load library powrprof.dll

failed to set video mode motogp 2007

failed to load dvs config in vmkernel

failed to create pdf. matrix is degenerate

failed to connect to vpn service component nortel

failed to initialize server application access is denied

ygopro error 5 failed to open url

java application blocked for security

possible cause: distribution manager does not have sufficient rights to the computer.

failed to locate supported file types

assignment site code for site site codes do not match

this document failed to print windows xp

failed to initialize ports using nsrexecd on

failed to prepare partial iu android

php ob_start

replace a process level token

asm background process in oracle 11gr2

failed to get update 08-2.luna

how to start vmware authorization service

the driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load for the device usb

failed to update firmware try again using kies

failed to set data for ssc service utility

skyrim preferences mac

failed to load gnomebreakpad

windows 10 "failed to create empty document"

keyboard initialization failed. this could be a missing or incorrect setup of xkeyboard-config.

what is a proxy server

failed to download package files check your internet connection

failed to create rpc listeners exiting redhat


kali linux reaver warning failed to associate with

failed to initialize drawing surfaces virtualbox

failed to load mibs during initialization java.lang.nullpointerexception

failed to load the given url image

java.io.ioexception: no properties file: users.properties or defaults: defaultusers.properties found

failed to retrieve media information from media server xbox one

ssis failed to lock variable for read access the variable cannot be found

stronghold crusader 2 failed to initialize the engine

the following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: i8042prt

failed to resubmit video urb -27

system.insufficientmemoryexception wcf

failed to perform the search request archive explorer

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role no session

failed to stylize layer

failed to create ms odbc perf file mapping

session_start(): failed to initialize storage module: user

failure software synchronization windows update client failed to detect with error 0x80072ee2

tomcat 7 download

userhandler: failed to process batched user data response: [0xee000006] no policy store

smartd windows

failed to login login timed out

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