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Dell Powervault Modular Disk Storage Manager User Guide


Plz Help. Use is subject to license terms. Hot plug worked anda File Manager window showed up on the desktop. Are there other cardbus devices withknown issues with hot plug/unplug?I also tried plugging in and unplugging a Hagiwara Sys-comExpressCard Compact Flash/ Microdrive Adapter with a SanDisk512 MB CF card inserted into have a peek here

Feb 8 09:01:58 blue2 npe: [ID 236367 kern.info] PCI Express-device: pci1014,[email protected],2, audio8100 Feb 8 09:01:58 blue2 genunix: [ID 936769 kern.info] audio8100 is /[email protected],0/pci1014,[email protected],2 Feb 8 09:01:58 blue2 pseudo: [ID 129642 kern.info] Google Grupları Tartışma Forumları'nı kullanmak için lütfen tarayıcı ayarlarınızda JavaScript'i etkinleştirin ve sonra bu sayfayı yenileyin. . Support data for an array is collected and saved in the Common Array Manager by selecting array > General Configuration > Support Data. To determine if a Smart battery is installed, verify by checking the following: Go to Storage Systems > array name > Troubleshooting > FRUs. https://groups.google.com/d/topic/comp.unix.solaris/1AjRPhDG41E

Dell Powervault Modular Disk Storage Manager User Guide

If the battery is a non-Smart battery, these two fields are not present. Reboot the system now? [y/n] (default: y) y Windows Issues Add License error using the CLI Bug 15833559—When adding a premium feature license using the CLI, the error ‘not found/read' occurs. This is because the new SIM is not zoned and all hosts see all disks until the old zone is restored. Controller Smart battery replacement procedure This Smart battery information is a supplement for the CAM Service Advisor Battery Removal/Replacement procedure.

Only ValueChangeEvents [such as (Status +) from Removed to OK for disk in slot x] are generated. By default, an alert of type 'clear' will be sent out. 2500 Series Release Notes: Simplex vs. Workaround—Register the JBOD locally or use Solaris management host to manage the Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 proxy. There are a couple of entries inses scsiclass,0dses scsiclass,00.vSUN.pUniversal_XportThese entries are invalid and should have had quotes around them.This bug is fixed in build 31, I think.Post by Stuart Biggarpciexclass,060400 (pcie_pci)

By setting the cache block size to match the I/O size, the correct number of buf_t's will be available and the ancient I/O will be avoided. Sun Storagetek 6140 Service Manual Firmware upgrade failed for Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module. flash firmware image failed FWR_UPGRADE_FAILURE,6 The firmware on the JBOD remained at 3R21 and all disks remained at the same FW level. Workaround—Contact Support at https://support.oracle.com and reference this Bug number.

From the FRU Summary page, click Battery. False means the disk is not locked. Workaround—A best practice is to quiesce host I/O when performing vdisk re-configuration. Currently, this generates warnings whenever an administrator installs other unrelated products such as RPMS, HBA management applications, or failover RDAC packages.

Sun Storagetek 6140 Service Manual

Configuration Issues Reregister Auto Service Request for CAM CAM 6.9 uses a new transport protocol for phone home communications with Oracle. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24008_01/html/E38188/z40001911233955.html Premium Feature Issues Performance Enhancer for 2500-M2 Bug 15820643—Currently, the Try and Buy or Evaluation option for Performance Enhancer does not allow you to disable the evaluation setting. Dell Powervault Modular Disk Storage Manager User Guide Install CAM 6.9. Workaround—Click the Current Jobs page a second time to display the page more quickly.

This fix staggers the reboots of the controllers for approximately five days so the only impact is a small performance degradation while the reboot occurs. navigate here Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Unanswered Threads Find All Thanked Posts Go to Page... linux operating commands and unix operating commands Solaris 10 freezes Remove advertisements Sponsored Links codewarrior View Public Profile Find all posts by codewarrior #2 09-23-2007 n0rus Registered User Join Date: Jul 2005 Last Activity: 23 February 2009, 3:49 Normally, it should in-activate when the batteries expire.

Bug 15549335 (6817878)—OS does not see zoning filtering through to proxy server correctly. Bug 15493007 (6723686)—J4x00 failed disk drive (Sun StorageTek SAS RAID HBA) not reported. Create Snapshot fails using CLI Bug 15850154—When using the CLI to create a snapshot, the error “failure to find resources” occurs. Check This Out Adding or removing SATA drives to a Linux host yields the following message: kernel: mptsas: ioc2: removing sata device: fw_channel 0, fw_id 4, phy 4, sas_addr 0x500163600010a390 kernel: mptbase: ioc1: LogInfo(0x31120101):

Communication Loss reported from Windows and Linux when registering JBODs on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 proxy Bug 15715109 (7044185)—Windows and Solaris management hosts report communication loss. In most cases, in-band management will not fail as a result of this; however, it is best practice to ensure that the UTM LUNs are not controlled by MPxIO. To set the cache block size, go to the Administration page for the selected array.

Final Resolution—Every 24 hours, firmware spawns a task--cfgMonitorTask--that checks the value of the vxworks kernel timing counter.

  • StorageTek SAS RAID HBA hot plug is not supported.
  • Controller B reboots if counter is greater than 825 days.
  • If the cache block size is too small for the application I/O size, it will result in a shortage of an internal structure known as a buf_t.
  • J4x00—Linux J4x00 registration—sg_map -i must be clear of all errors or it fails; leads to host reboot to clear sg_map.

Workaround—You can enable IPV4 for the array, or configure the CAM host and the array to be on the same subnet. Current Jobs page can take more than five minutes to display Bug 15582215 (6871197)—In a Sun Storage 6180 array with 1023 Volume Copies, it takes over five minutes for the Current Follow this procedure: Edit the file /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf The following line should read: device-type-scsi-options-list = “SUN Universal Xport”, “disable-option”; “disable-option” = 0x7000000 Run the stmsboot -u command. Workaround—The default sends an alert type of ‘clear'.

Workarounds—For this symptom–SUSE Linux host, J4400 SIM upgrade failed with return code 6, possibly leading to SIM firmware mismatch–there are two possible workarounds: If the upgrade failed without firmware mismatch, do Install is on anIBM T43p notebook. On the Battery Health Details page, you will see Last Learn Cycle and Next Learn Cycle fields. this contact form I get WARNINGsearly in the boot and a NOTICE part way through.

Workaround—Either replace the trial license with a permanent license or wait until the evaluation period expires. Solaris Issues Solaris with Veritas DMP or other host type Bug 15840516—With the release of firmware, the host type ‘Solaris (with Veritas DMP or other)' is no longer a valid To obtain the IPV6 IP address, Routable IP address, and Router IP address for the array, use the netCfgShow command via the array serial port. Best regards joerg Remove advertisements Sponsored Links joerg View Public Profile Find all posts by joerg #5 10-18-2007 paventhan Registered User Join Date: Aug 2007 Last Activity: 4

Auto Service Request advisory note: DTS Listener transfer When performing a firmware update or using Service Advisor to put an array into service mode, messages similar to these may appear in Now i nstalled fully with 32bit. Bug 15498590 (6732411)—J4200/J4400: Sun StorageTek PCI-Express SAS Host Bus Adapter B3: SLES9SP4: Multipath: Lost Communication to JBOD after Sun Storage Common Array Manager software SIM firmware upgrade. Duplex Configurations The Sun StorageTek 2500 Series Array Release Notes, Release 1.4 document contains contradictory information on pages one and 21 concerning the StorageTek 2501 Expansion Module in simplex and duplex

But its not working. Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Unanswered Threads Find All Thanked Posts Go to Page... learn linux and unix commands - unix shell scripting Solaris Feb 8 09:01:55 blue2 mac: [ID 543131 kern.info] NOTICE: bge0/0 registered Feb 8 09:01:57 blue2 rootnex: [ID 349649 kern.info] xsvc0 at root Feb 8 09:01:57 blue2 genunix: [ID 936769 kern.info] xsvc0 Adding or removing SATA drives requires host boot Bug 15559493 (6835314)—Linux kernel:mptbase(Abort) occurs on both RedHat 5.2 and SUSE 10.

Enter the command sscs enable -a -e license', where is PerformanceEnhancer or ReplicationSet. Ancient I/O rebooting due to cache block size Bug 15754288 (7110592)—Firmware can cause ancient I/O reboots if the cache block size does not match the application I/O size. Sun StorageTek SAS RAID HBA hot plug is not supported.