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Failed To Convert Database Into Codeplug Image

Start with the things that are most obviously wrong, then the things that are easiest for you to do, then work your way through the more difficult or expensive things until This version supports writing of channels. 2016-06-01 0.23.0 New option "MaxLenCallsign=" in cpsprogrammer.ini to control the length of callsigns in display names. Prepared codeplug samples for CS700 / PD785G with scanlists, zones, RXgroups and TXcontacts, but without channels. I also do not have a complete list of all the RSS failure messages anyway. Check This Out

If the option getting the error message is still installed, then it probably needs repair. You can also open the equipment up and physically verify which size EEPROM is present. Each record is terminated with a CR/LF/NULL. An image with more than two colors requires the "relocate" argument to md380-gfx.

The vendor's CPS software must be running for CPSProgrammer to update the codeplug that is open in vendor's CPS software (see picture above: "Principle of the CPSProgrammer"). Upon the next powerup, the radio screen reads "EEPRM HW ERROR" The radio will read into the computer, but when I try to dump the codeplug back into the radio, the Please let me know the link, to be provided here.

  1. Some "GOVT" models do not require a programming key.
  2. There is a possibility that I have will check in the future, that the singletone encoder (not the one with MDC-600) Internal Option Board might require JU1 and JU2 in a
  3. Backing Up Your Code Plug: If you have anything already programmed into the radio or control head that you want to preserve, use the RSS to read them and save whatever
  4. A service shop should stick with an 8 MHz computer or slower for the Syntor X 9000 radios.
  5. Import the downloaded CSV into a table calculation (excel) and add as many DMR or FM frequencies as you like.
  6. The DMR MARC user's database required a 16 MByte SPI Flash memory chip.
  7. Programing Talkback Scan is the next best alternative.
  8. Usually starts by 0 Text: Insert text, entered in the input field just below the combo-field space: Insert a single space " " N, N/2 ...
  9. TG9 rxgroup1 text DMR Name of the RXGroup for TG1 in the pull down menue, e.g.

Also required for the FM channel of a mixed mode repeater (mix = 'm') any other value - - - Not recognised by the programmer. The CSV downloaded form http://dmr.ham-digital.net/rptr_by_id.php already provides all information about the RF interface of the channel, grouped by the labels in the header line: num;dmrid;callsign;qrg;shift;cc;mix;ctcss;net;city;cnty;country;ctry;lat;lon;longcall489;262866;DB0RTA;438,36250;-7,600;1;;0;DMR-plus;Gilching;Bayern;Germany;DEU;48,11044;11,32423;DB0RTA CPSProgrammer requires some of this labels, This picture shows the most important interdependencies in a codeplug (click to enlarge) A channel defines the RX- and TX-frequency, the ColourCode and TimeSlot, the Contacts and many other information used Downloads 0.28.0 05.01.2017 Improved several functions for PD785.

Blanton III.Ad Management by RedTyger Copyright 2015 by RadioReference.com LLC Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions LinkBack LinkBack URL About LinkBacks Login · Mobile · Help VHF (FuG-10b) 136-174mhz for the German BOS Radio System MT2100 European version of the MT2000 Accessories If you have the accessory adapter for the side connector on the radio, the typical The External Radio (ExRd) audio will only deliver audio from the primary radio because there is no audio connection between the Siren/PA and secondary radio. this content C13, C15, C1, C3, C5, ... 0-0x: Inserts letter x, when N is an odd value (Used to generate R70, R70x, R71, R71x, ...

This failure and error code prefix chart can help you determine if the problem is from an option, instead of the radio or control head. When a mode has the Extender set to YES, the Extender will be ON, whenever you use the control head to select a mode that is programmed this way. These are used to select whether the microphone you are using has a manual PTT or serial data PTT. Then install the programming cable.

Bulk Delete Channels (picture below) allows you to delete channels in your codeplug. http://electronica.yoreparo.com/radiocomunicaciones/radio-pro-3150-no-se-deja-programar-t1239465.html U7 part 55T29 is supposed to be the equivalent replacement for a HLN5318B. Additional columns, provided by the DMR-database can be left in the CSV. Not for a real codeplug.

Band limits are defined in the ini-file. - Minor improvements for saving the log 2015-09-30 0.05.2 Bug fixed: Error-message when there is no internet connection (Auto check for updates); Clean-up the http://supportcanonprinter.com/failed-to/failed-to-convert-a-provisioning-services-vdisk-was-not-found.html When jumping a car battery, why is it better to connect the red/positive cable first? Notice these are all the different bandsplits. You must use the right arrow to select this field before you can see how the Scan List options are configured on the Scan List programming screen.

When it is set to OPERATOR SELECT, the control head Indicator Ext button is used to turn the Extender ON or OFF, whenever you use the control head to select a Build Status Supported Hardware The patched firmware is known to work on the following devices: The "D"-Version (NoGPS) for radios without GPS Tytera/TYT MD380 Tytera/TYT MD390 Retevis RT3 The "S"-Version (GPS) Dec 11, 2016 Makefile Emulator now grabs firmware in case it's not already demanded. this contact form Search for the ASCII text string of one of your band limits (ie 136).

This leaves you open to more subtle mistakes like selecting a RSS frequency range that does not match the radio's VCO frequency range. In a dual radio system using the optional Siren/PA, it must be cabled to the primary radio drawer and the Siren/PA jumper JU8 must be installed (JU8 is near the large Please review them for posting guidelines and further clarification.

PD365 separates scanlists for FM and DMR.

When the control head Ext button is programmed, the LED below this button will always show the ON/OFF state of the Extender (i.e. Simultaneously depress the PTT and monitor button (side button nearest the PTT) on radio 1 (source radio) an turn it on. The tuner won't work because the radi will not go through the power up check...so the tuner isn't happy. Believe it or not, the VRS is a very well designed package that successfully performs the extremely difficult job of operating cross band repeat in very close proximity to high power

Is there any place in your app where you have an image or text that is 'quiz.jpg'? –Scott Stroz Aug 15 '11 at 19:53 add a comment| 3 Answers 3 active Some sample CSV, just for demonstration. P1 can be RSS, P2 operator select and NP LIST RSS or any combination you want). navigate here This "FPP" (Front Panel Programmable) radios allow an authorized user to change transmit and receive frequencies as well as squelch type (CSQ/PL/DPL).

Even if you also program the above Scan Enable to ON in every mode, you still need to program the Scan button on the control head or the radio operator will To date, 9,000 units have been upgraded in the field. The callsign ("channel name") to be displayed is generated automatically and made by a concatenation of up to 6 input fields. To dump the recent dmesg log: md380-tool dmesg Firmware Compilation This archive does not ship with firmware.

ok planned ok ok ok RT3 ok (32) ok ok ok ok n.a. What follows below is what we have been told is the way this silly protection scheme is implemented. The entire variety of speed related failures would be impossible to identify and the point of this paragraph is to make clear that just because things appear to be working with