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Protl-4: Failed To Retrieve Data From The Local Registry


Ensure the SCAN VIP uses the same netmask that is used by the public interface. I am Myself is the Sys Admin Regards, SangyD Report message to a moderator Re: OEL 5.4, Clusterware 11g R1 ( [message #464178 is a reply to message Checked ... Example: instance1:6200,instance2:6200 Property Node List: This string is composed of multiple records, with each record consisting of a key=value pair and terminated by a newline ('\n') character. http://supportcanonprinter.com/failed-to/failed-to-retrieve-the-pnp-id-from-the-registry.html

Posts Atom Posts Comments Atom Comments Blog Archives Blog Archives 09/11 - 09/18 (1) 01/17 - 01/24 (1) 05/24 - 05/31 (2) 12/21 - 12/28 (1) 11/30 - 12/07 (1) 11/16 Hi Surachart, Sorry for not mentioning that this is not RAC,its a stanalone env with grid home owned by grid user and rdbms home owned by oracle user,listener parameters are set Perhaps this is what syncthing needs to do as well? Thanks for one of the best apps out there!

Protl-4: Failed To Retrieve Data From The Local Registry

Your error not help. Successfully replaced voting disk group with +DATA. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

  • Go to "root" user and executed the following script[[email protected] SRC]# /u01/app/oracle/11.2.0/dbhome_1/root.shCheck /u01/app/oracle/11.2.0/dbhome_1/install/root_mytest_2011-08-24_16-13-58.log for the output of root script*** checked " /u01/app/oracle/11.2.0/dbhome_1/install/root_mytest_2011-08-24_16-13-58.log " and no error ***- Created Database [[email protected] ~]$ dbca
  • Consider restarting the nodes, as doing so may resolve the problem.
  • It seems that all kind of problems arise with root enabled.
  • I/SyncthingNativeCode(14935): 21:56:40 INFO: Device ID: 4NJ...
  • A system reboot is recommended ACFS-9428 Failed to load ADVM/ACFS drivers.

My device HTC one v also not rooted. Running without such fixes can cause later instabilities to Oracle RAC databases, even though the initial installation seems to work. Derya Comment by Derya -- May 28, 2012 @ 6:39 pm Reply THANK YOU very much Mr. Root.sh Log Location After a quick search on official doc I found the way here.

If you are performing an upgrade, then an incomplete upgrade can result in some nodes being upgraded to the latest software and others nodes not upgraded at all. Root Sh Configuration Of Asm Failed See Logs For Details Member AudriusButkevicius commented Mar 1, 2016 Your log talks about untrusted application, which might be the cause. coolVariable commented Jan 23, 2016 This exact issue also happens in exact the same way on android 6. it's not a single command it's a big part of preparing the nodes before install.

The alert log is also written as an XML file in the alert subdirectory of the ADR home, but the text alert log is most easily read. Clsrsc-169: Failed To Create Or Upgrade Olr Action: Configure the hsi0 (or eth) device to use ARP protocol by running the following command: # ifconfig hsi0 arp During installation of Oracle Clusterware, check for Oracle ASM disks failed To avoid this error, navigate to the directory Grid_home/cv/admin, open the file cvu_config with a text editor, and add or update the key ORACLE_SRVM_REMOTESHELL to indicate the ssh path location This change causes permission errors for other installations.

Root Sh Configuration Of Asm Failed See Logs For Details

For example, if a voting file is not available, a CRS-1604 error is raised, and a critical alert is posted on the Cluster Home page. https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-android/issues/449 You can also use WLST to create the ONS parameter. Protl-4: Failed To Retrieve Data From The Local Registry Cause: The rolling upgrade mode change was rejected because the cluster was forcibly upgraded. Clsrsc-258: Failed To Configure And Start Asm User Equivalence Check Failed Node Reachability Check or Node Connectivity Check Failed User Existence Check or User-Group Relationship Check Failed User Equivalence Check Failed Cause: Failure to establish user equivalency across

So for now, if you are ok with Read-Only mode, just create .stfolder files manually, one for each separate entry in Syncthing. http://supportcanonprinter.com/failed-to/sql-server-setup-has-encountered-the-following-error-failed-to-retrieve-data-for-this-request.html Note that there are two entries, one for each host and port pair. DiskGroup DATA created successfully. Please check the logs" on Blackberry Android runtime environment to Blackberry: "Failed to create a Syncthing config. Crs-2883: Resource 'ora.ctssd' Failed During Clusterware Stack Start

If false the list is inactive and will only be used as a fail over list in the event that no connections for an active list can be established. This script needs a small password properties file for configuration assistants that require passwords (refer to install guide documentation).Successfully Setup Software.C. Please login or register. have a peek here Your Comment: HTML Syntax: NOT allowed About The official blog for Oracle WebLogic Server fans and followers!

In some cases, to avoid bugs that cause disconnects under loads, or to support additional features such as Jumbo Frames, you may need a firmware upgrade on interconnect switches, or you Ohasd Failed To Start At /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/crs/install/rootcrs.pl Line 443 W/ConfigXml(14935): Failed to open config, moving to config.xml.invalid and creating blank config I/SyncthingNativeCode(14935): 21:56:32 WARNING: Key exists; will not overwrite. The netdev option is only required for OCFS file systems, and vers=2 forces the kernel to mount NFS using the earlier version 2 protocol.

To continue an incomplete installation on the first node: If the root script failure indicated a need to reboot, through the message CLSRSC-400, then reboot the first node (the node where

Creating OCR keys for user 'root', privgrp 'root'.. echo $ORACLE_HOMEbecause you are set the different ORACLE_HOME ... Report message to a moderator Re: OEL 5.4, Clusterware 11g R1 ( [message #464139 is a reply to message #464138] Tue, 06 July 2010 07:47 mkounalis Messages: 147Registered: Configure Oracle Grid Infrastructure For A Cluster ... Failed Member Nutomic commented Aug 28, 2015 You can use a logcat app on Android, or the adb tool on a pc.

Command return code of 1 (256) from command: /u01/grid/11.2.0/bin/crsctl stop resource ora.crsd -init Stop of resource "ora.crsd -init" failed Failed to stop CRSD CRS-2500: Cannot stop resource 'ora.asm' as it is Have you tried if a reinstall fixes it? @Zillode Any idea on this? I/SyncthingNativeCode(14935): 21:56:28 INFO: Device ID: 4NJ... Check This Out Member Nutomic commented Sep 9, 2015 Hm, I would guess root is disabled in the app settings for some reason (so the app doesn't use root).

Step 2: As root, run "$GRID_HOME/crs/install/rootcrs.pl -verbose -deconfig -force -lastnode" on last node. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? When you have deinstalled the failed installation on the node, add that node manually to the cluster.