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Timed Out Userfile Transfer

set max-invites 20 # There is a global limit for +b/+e/+I modes. Use FreeBSD 10's procctl(PROC_TRACE_CTL) to disable core dumps and tracing. Setting this to 0 or 0:0 disables join flood protection for # the channel. # # flood-ctcp 3:60 # Set here how many channel ctcps in how many seconds from one The server module must be # loaded for this module to function. # # Information sent to the server includes the bot's uptime, botnet-nick, # server, version, and IP address. weblink

Fixed channel notices not being parsed. Reload to refresh your session. But what may be immediately clear to such users may still confuse less experienced users. set prevent-mixing 1 Other networks (net-type 5) # Attention: Use these settings *only* if you set 'net-type' to 5! # If your network supports more users per kick command then 1,

This keeps # the channel's ban list from getting excessively long. bots now only kick for -ooo (mdop) if 'mdop' is set with chanset. Fixed typo in cmd_date. On most systems this was harmless since the memory was not actually used.

  1. Fixed DNS to timeout queries after 30 seconds, server socket after 40, and to parse EOF correctly.
  2. When I did .help set [yes, I try to read the help too :p ] it listed only two timeout options: ident-timeout and connect-timeout resolve-timeout, server-timeout and xfer-timeout are not listed.
  3. Fix segfault in cmd_channel during splits.
  4. We now unbind this command by # default to discourage them.

Add chanset 'protect-backup' which will optionally set +backup in the event of a takeover with +protect. Remember that if it does, it won't ban them. # This can start kick floods. This also fixes slowjoin with groups. wasop will expire afterwards).

Add channel flags 'nomassjoin' and 'flood-mjoin' to set +im on a timer during join floods (drones) Add BOT flag +f for handling cpu intensive floods (none supported yet) Add chanset 'flood-exempt' Fixed a bug in the hash creation of cookies due to an ircd stripping excess '*' in cookies. Increased password timeout to 40 seconds and auth timeout to 80 seconds. Fixed a bunch of lame bugs in the getop system Fixed some excess newlines when a user is booted for losing hub/leaf access.

set open-telnets 0 # If you don't want Eggdrop to identify itself as an eggdrop on a telnet # connection, set this setting to 1. This keeps # the channel's exempt list from getting excessively long. If you don't know what it does, you can safely leave it commented out. # If you're using virtual hosting (your machine has more than 1 IP), you # may want The octal values are the same as for the chmod system command. # # To remind you: # # u g o u g o u g o # 0600 rw-------

Fix bots not tracking groups for other bots. Add MONITOR support. Use ./wraith -Q, then paste it in. The bot # still remembers every invite, but the invites are only activated # when the channel is set to invite only and a user joins after # requesting an invite.

FiSH support for DH1080 key-exchange. 'keyx' command added to start from bot, and responds to key-exchanges. have a peek at these guys Remove cox.net nameservers from backup list. The protect-telnet # setting must be set to 0 to use this. The correct format is Attempts:Seconds.

[ egghelp.org home | forum home ] egghelp.org communityDiscussion of eggdrop bots, shell accounts and tcl scripts. Added pseudo-channel 'default' which can be modified with 'chanset' and 'chaninfo'. Fix a crash from long hubnicks. check over here cmd_botcmd now displays which bot is chosen in the log. (#192) There is now a 'datadir' option in the binary config.

set bounce-exempts 0 # Set this to 1 if you want to bounce all server invitations (+I modes). # This is disabled if use-invites is disabled. Share and transfer modules loaded on each bot. Otherwise, your bot won't start.

This must be # shorter than 120 characters.

Fix bot not auto-opping after just connecting. Now using OpenBSD's strlcpy() Added a (temporarily) static auto-op delay of 6 seconds. set never-give-up 1 # This setting defines how long Eggdrop should wait before moving from one # server to another on disconnect. This must be shorter than 120 # characters.

Rewrote cmd_mdop into cmd_mmode. Without it, # you won't be able to make the bot join a channel or save channel # specific userfile information. set dcc-block 0 # Enable this setting if you want to copy files into the /tmp directory # before sending them. this content set upload-to-pwd 0 # Eggdrop creates a '.filedb' file in each subdirectory of your file area # to keep track of its own file system information.

Visit the Trac open source project athttp://trac.edgewall.com/ Toggle navigation About Developers Updates searchcode server xbot2003 /windrop/language/transfer.english.lang Language Unknown Lines 66 MD5 Hash cf3cf48b0ff7261c13474f8d8d4e34bb Repository http://xbot2003.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ View Raw File Find Similar Files Minha contaPesquisaMapsYouTubePlayNotíciasGmailDriveAgendaGoogle+TradutorFotosMaisShoppingDocumentosLivrosBloggerContatosHangoutsOutros produtos do GoogleFazer loginCampos ocultosLivrosbooks.google.com.br - If you want to know the most popular, the most flexible, the most configurable FTP server – meet Proftpd.A description of the Proftpd Example: set network "Undernet.org" # This setting defines which timezone is your bot in. set max-modes 30 # The following settings should be left commented unless the default values # are being overridden.

Fixed a cosmetic/memory bug in cmd_who. Fixed cmd_nohelp (for viewing undocumented cmds - mainly debugging cmds) cmd_adduser sends a PRIVMSG now instead of a NOTICE Rewrote op-cookies to be fix a security hole. (They also react to set note-life 60 # Set this to 1 if you want to allow users to specify a forwarding address # for forwarding notes to another account on another bot. Enable SSP for debug binary/testing.

This will avoid long # periods where the bot just hangs there, waiting for a hostname to # resolve, which will often let it timeout on all other connections. set flood-msg 5:60 # Set here how many ctcps in how many seconds from one host constitutes # a flood. You may also want to set the hostname here if # Eggdrop has trouble detecting it when it starts up. #set my-hostname "virtual.host.com" #set my-ip "" These two options are important set dcc-sanitycheck 0 # This settings defines a time in seconds that the bot should wait before # a dcc chat, telnet, or relay connection times out.

Fixed localhub attempting to spawn itself during binary rehash and cmd_conf Fixed another fatal bug with cmd_conf, this should fix it for good. set raw-log 0 # This creates a logfile named eggdrop.log containing private msgs/ctcps, # commands, errors, and misc. On by default.